Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reliving UK...

Whenever I look at our family travel photos, I feel extremely blessed. We've been on two trips to Europe with the children and they have rarely kicked up a fuss on the plane. The moment they go onboard (all red-eye flights), they would happily arrange themselves in the seats, all eager for the supper and cartoon treats. Finally, they would succumb to fatigue and fall into deep sleep, all the way, stretched out across our laps. Needless to say, they were the only ones among the four of us who wake up fresh and rejuvenated :)

On our last trip to UK, my boy actually got homesick the first few days so I really struggled with his moodiness. Plus we were travelling with friends so I was stressed out trying to manage him. At one point, I almost wished I was home. Fortunately, our friends were very patient and accommodative and just worked around his tantrums, using reverse psychology to get him upbeat again. Now when I look at the photos, especially the ones in which he is grinning or laughing, I've almost forgotten how upset I was and just glad that we brought them along.

I've started on an album of the holiday photos - a mixture of 12x12 layouts and 4x6 mini ones. I used mostly NoelMignon's "Delightfully Domestic" March kit and some of my own stash.

And talking about UK, my boy just asked if we can go England again during the June school holidays.

Guess he did enjoy it after all :)

And that's all that matters.

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