Monday, June 2, 2014

A Robotic Invasion!

So the grand plan was to create a town where the smaller elf's Little Ponies can roam. My gal happily selected the buildings and structures she wanted and in a few seconds, each page of beautifully-coloured templates, looking just like what we see on screen, were printed out on the Canon Pixma MG5570 printer that Canon sponsored.

Then the work for mummy began.

Most of the structures were easily cut out and my gal actually figured out how to put together the hospital on her own by following the instructions at the Canon Creative Park website (with some of her own idealistic architectural imagination as you'll find out later)

But the green tunnel took a bit of contortionist skills to glue the parts together as I bent the paper here, there, and everywhere to form the shape and make the side steps stick to the tunnel. At one point I was nearly using all four limbs to hold them in place while I applied glue. Finally it was all done. But before the Little Ponies could gallop about their town, the Hero Factory robots decided to have a go at it first.

 We imagined all sorts of hilarious scenarios like this one: "Hmmmm, so which way in?"
(By the way, you may have noticed that my gal exercised some architectural creativity in gluing the different parts of the hospital together.)

Santa: "I sense there's someone else here besides me…"

And voilĂ … the amazing tunnel! Robot: "Arrrggggh, how do I get in?! Time to lose weight…"

Poor Santa, he keeps getting targeted. And all he wants to do is to deliver toys to children. It's a tough job I tell ya.

We had a good hour of fun playing around with the make-believe town. Go check out the heaps of buildings, roads and other craft projects that can be printed from Canon Creative Park as well as Canon PIXMA town. I dare say even adults would enjoy the challenge of piecing together some of the famous landmark models.

*note: Although Canon sponsored the printer for this post, all experiences shared and opinions expressed here are entirely of my own.

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