Friday, April 3, 2009

Asher Blogs

I just created a blog for Asher.

It is one of my desperate attempts to inject fun into education and occupy him in a constructive way before he paints my house yellow.

Since Asher likes hitting buttons on the keyboard, I thought, why not create a blog for him? That way, he can:

1) Learn how to spell and create sentences
2) Have fun choosing the colours on his blog
3) Be educated in a fun and simple way

Good idea - except that I chose to create the blog on a day where
1) Both brother and sister did not nap all day
2) The time was 5.30pm, and the little exhausted engines were choo-chooing out of control

So in between high-pitched screams of "Peeen! Peen!" ("Pink!") and bellows of "WRITE MY NAME! I WANT MY NAME!", was born.

Asher is supposed to write a sentence a day. We'll see how long the mother can survive.

1 comment:

  1. Hey! Nathan writes diary daily on a notebook by "force". Have ever suggested blogging and his std answer is "NO WAY". haha...

    btw, I added your blog to mine. next will b Asher!!